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The challenges

The Techstars Berlin team was launching the second cohort of founders and they were looking for a B2B sales partner to help their founders learn the basics of sales.

  1. They had no in-house expertise or sales mentoring for tech founders
  2. The founders expressed a strong need for coaching and training on B2B sales

How I helped

I regularly joined the founders teams and provided 1 on 1 coaching, as well as group workshops. This is what we’ve done.

1. Running public events for Techstars Berlin

I gave two talks at Techstars Berlin, where I shared insights on how to build a Minimum Viable Sales Process (MVSP), as well as using LinkedIn to generate business.

2. Running a sales workshop for the founders

I organized a 2-hours workshop with a cohort of founders. We covered the important aspect to cover when building a tech sales organization.

3. 1 on 1 coaching

After the sales workshop, I gave 1 on 1 coaching two founders, to help them structure their initial sales efforts.

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