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Find out how the Sales Team at Vainu implemented my LinkedIn sequence and is seeing massive results


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Online Workshop

The challenges

The team at Vainu had issues around content building to attract prospects.

  1. They were mostly focused on cold calling and cold emailing
  2. The tried social selling, but didn’t build a structured way to reach out to prospects
  3. They had just hired 3 new SDRs and had to train them to reach targets quickly

How I helped

Mathijs booked me for a 2 hours online workshop with the sales team. We assessed their strengths and weaknesses and deep dived on the following topics:

1. How to identify your Ideal Customer Profiles

We reviewed their current ICP and built an ICP matrix, so they could build lists of leads and have clarity on who to contact, in which company.

2. How to find triggers

We worked on identifying relevant triggers on LinkedIn, so they could build relevant messaging and increase their answer rates.

3. Experimentation

I introduced the team to the concept of experimentation and shared insights on how to plan, run, and scale experimentations.

4. LinkedIn Outreach Sequence

I shared my LinkedIn sequence with the team and they used it to build their cold outreach strategy.

The results

The sales team was able to generate consistent pipeline, and identified skills they needed to work on in order to be successful with social selling. On top of that, the 3 new SDRs were able to produce the following results in their first 1.5 months:

  • 121 new meetings booked
  •  87% show up rate
  • €32.000 new business closed

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