Start more conversations with your prospects

Train your sales development team to be relevant and creative when prospecting. Turn your SDRs into T-shaped SDRs

According to TOPO’s 2019 Sales Development Benchmark Report, only 48% of SDRs consistently reach their targets.

Using the same old playbook is costing you money

This comes down to a simple set of problems. Prospects receive tons of similar prospecting emails or calls, and they simply ignore them. Most sales development teams use a templated approach, with no creativity and no relevance.

The old-fashioned prospecting sequence

Average numbers of days of a sequence


Average touchpoints to obtain an answer


Imagine if you could reduce the number of days of your sequence and the average touchpoints required to obtain an answer… How many more conversations would you start?

Sending tons of emails and getting no answer?

If your team is sending hundreds of emails every day, burning leads with marginal answer rate, it can be tough to figure out what to do.

Can’t get your reps to pick up the phone?​

Most SDRs are in their early twenties. If you ask them to pick up the phone and do a hundred dials every day, it’s no surprise that they quit within a few months.

Tried using social selling, with terrible results.​

This one is a classic. Everyone is praising social selling and telling you to use LinkedIn to prospect, but you’ve tried and it doesn’t work.

Program goals

  • Deliver a training program and tools to SDRs and BDRs so they can generate quality opportunities by being relevant and creative
  • Change the way the SDR job is perceived and allow individuals to grow professionally and financially in the job
  • Help sales development organizations retain good SDRs and reduce the pressure to push high-performing SDRs to become AEs

Program Overview

Section 1: Groundwork

  • Module 1: Setting the stage
  • Module 2: Identifying your ICPs
  • Module 3: Identifying what problems your ICPs are trying to solve

Section 2: Outreaching

  • Module 4: Introduction to modern outreaching
  • Module 5: Identifying triggers
  • Module 6: Discovering various types of touchpoints
  • Module 7: Building sequences and cadences
  • Module 8: Building high-impact messaging
  • Module 9: Booking the discovery call

Section 3: Network building

  • Module 10: Introduction to network building
  • Module 11: Building lists of ICPs
  • Module 11: Building lists of thought-leaders
  • Module 12: Connecting with ICPs and thought-leaders
  • Module 13: Automation

Section 4: Content building

  • Module 14: Introduction of content building
  • Module 15: Building a content strategy
  • Module 16: Identifying types of content
  • Module 17: Generating quality content
  • Module 18: Scheduling and automation

Section 5: Experimentation

  • Module 19: Introduction to experimentation
  • Module 20: Discovering various types of experiments
  • Module 21: Setting key metrics
  • Module 22: Crafting your first experiment

Section 6: Implementation and wrap up (for managers)

  • Module 23: Setting T-shaped metrics
  • Module 24: Setting goals
  • Module 25: Metrics and goal tracking
  • Module 26: Instrumentation
  • Module 27: Building an implementation plan


Ongoing (remote or onsite)

  • Training is provided on an ongoing basis, in 2-4 hours sessions, spread over 3 to 6 weeks
  • Up to 10 participants per cohort
  • Ideal for distributed and remote teams

All at once (remote or onsite)

  • Training is provided over one or two days
  • Up to 25 participant per cohort
  • Ideal for periodic events like SKO or team gatherings

Online (coming soon)

  • On-demand access
  • Subscription-based

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