Turn prospects into customers

Train your sales team to understand the buyer's journey and take control of the sales process

According to the Bridge Group’s SaaS Account Executive Report, 21% of AEs achieve less than 50% of their quotas.

What are they doing wrong?

Sales has dramatically changed in the last 10 years. Without a good understanding of the buyer’s journey, a lot of sales reps are failing to reach targets, quarter after quarter.

Always talking with people with no budget?

Most sales reps run demos, without gathering enough information from the prospect. They share features and fail to understand how to control a deal.

Getting ghosted by prospects all the time?

You’ve given a perfect demo, gave all the information you could, and yet, your prospect is ghosting you? Sounds familiar?

Sharing tons of proposals but closing no business?

“Send me an offer.” As great as they make you feel, these four words are often the reason why you can’t close business. It’s time to make your prospects work for you.

Program goals

  • Deliver a training program and tools to AEs so they can keep control of their deals and make prospects work with them
  • Help AEs understand the buyer’s journey and how people buy B2B solutions
  • Teach sales reps to disqualify early, and build value all along the sales process

Program Overview

Section 1: Groundwork

  • Module 1: Setting the stage
  • Module 2: Misconceptions about sales

Section 2: Buyer’s journey vs sales process

  • Module 3: How prospects buy B2B solutions
  • Module 4: Understanding your sales process
  • Module 5: Identifying stakeholders and their languages

Section 3: Finding challenges

  • Module 6: What is a discovery/demo
  • Module 7: How to run a discovery/demo

Section 4: Building value

  • Module 8: Aligning challenges and solutions
  • Module 9: Building use cases
  • Module 10: Setting next steps

Section 5: Closing a deal

  • Module 11: Presenting an offer/contract
  • Module 12: Negotiating
  • Module 13: Closing the deal
  • Module 14: After closing the deal

Section 6: Implementation and wrap up (for managers)

  • Module 15: Setting metrics
  • Module 16: Setting goals
  • Module 17: Metrics and goal tracking
  • Module 18: Instrumentation
  • Module 19: Building an implementation plan


Ongoing (remote or onsite)

  • Training is provided on an ongoing basis, in 2-4 hours sessions, spread over 3 to 6 weeks
  • Up to 10 participants per cohort
  • Ideal for distributed and remote teams

All at once (remote or onsite)

  • Training is provided over one or two days
  • Up to 25 participant per cohort
  • Ideal for periodic events like SKO or team gatherings

Online (coming soon)

  • On-demand access
  • Subscription-based

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