The AI Outreach System

A Tactical Guide To Using Artificial Intelligence To Book Meetings

Stop being ignored by prospects. Start researching, contacting, and booking meetings like a creative outbound salesperson

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The exact system I use to get a 38% reply rate and a 27% meeting rate

Join more than 800 customers and waitlisters working at companies like:

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What's inside?

8 modules, 28 micro lessons, hundreds of tactical takeaways

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll learn when you watch this course:

The “ICP Matrix” is a proven way to prospect accurately. You’ll target the right companies, and the right prospects inside of each company. Module 2.

Your prospects are always busy putting out fires and solving problems. But you can catch their attention with this simple tactic. Find out how in module 2.

What smart salespeople do to understand their prospect’s initiatives. This tactical approach will get you instant results.

What never gets you more replies. When salespeople make this mistake, their performance suffers. Module 4.

When you follow this timeless advice, you’ll get more replies. Top-performing SDRs don’t follow this rule for nothing. Module 5.

If you’re sending cold emails and LinkedIn DMs daily, you can’t afford to miss this tactic in module 5. It will save you headaches, stress, and doubt.

The quickest, easiest way to use a marketing resource to stop your prospects in their tracks, and get their attention.

You’ll get more replies if your LinkedIn connection requests include a personalized note, right? Wrong! Module 6 explains why.

CAUTION: this widespread mistake is the number one reason salespeople miss their targets. Find out what it is in module 9.

The 4-part framework top-performing SDRs are using to get a 38%+ reply rate. You won’t believe how simple it really is.

How to start natural conversations about your prospect’s problems: use this timeless technique.

Book more outbound meetings: follow this timeless principle rooted in human psychology. Discover how the best salespeople use it in module 7.

Why meetings links don’t work. See module 7.

The truth about your sales stack. Sales tools rarely make you more productive. This selection of tools will.

Do LinkedIn connection requests convert better with a personalized note? It depends. Discover exactly when it makes sense to spend more time on a connection request.

The best salespeople use a simple tool. It allows them to craft impactful outbound messages in no time. Find out more in module 9.

Are you making this common mistake when using AI? Discover how to extract the most value from ChatGPT with this resource.

When you follow these proven prospecting plays, you’ll start more conversations with your prospects. 11+ plays to use right away.

Course outline

  • Course goals
  • My journey
  • What to expect
  • How the course works
  • Building your Ideal Customer Profile
  • Listing your Ideal Customer Profile’s Problems
  • Action steps
  • Introduction to ChatGPT
  • How to write prompts
  • Finding more problems with AI
  • Finding symptoms with AI
  • Finding personalization elements with AI
  • Action steps
  • Overview of channels and media
  • Building your sequence
  • Action steps
  • Building LinkedIn connection requests
  • Building asynchronous messages with AI
  • Building a reciprocity resource with AI
  • Action steps
  • Using calibrated questions to get replies
  • Using negative-reversing to book meetings
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Action steps
  • Research tools
  • Copy tools
  • Productivity tools
  • Prospecting Tracker
  • AI Message Builder
  • AI Prompt Directory 

Hi, I'm Thibaut Souyris

I’m a sales trainer, coach, founder of SalesLabs, and creator of this video course, The AI Outreach System.

This course is based on my experience working with sales people in SaaS and tech companies, including:

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I found success in this space when I began experimenting with creative outbound prospecting tactics. This resulted in a 38% reply rate and a 27% meeting rate. But the results weren’t only remarkable for me:

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I’d love to take Thibaut Souyris’s new course on prospecting with AI:

I’ll use what I learn to create an alternative version of the sequences I currently send. The goal is to double my meeting rate. Maybe even more. Fingers crossed! It’s $199.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Inside you’ll find 28 lessons spread out across 8 modules. Each lesson is focused, clear and concise, a few minutes long. No fluff.

I worked hard to distill what I know about catching prospect’s attention, getting replies, and booking meetings, all accelerated with AI. You’ll be able to follow as you’re taking the course.

This way, when you complete it, you’ll have the first version of your AI Outreach System, ready to test.


This course is for anyone who wants to book more meetings and generate more opportunities, specifically those selling B2B products, services, and other forms of complex solutions:

SaaS, subscription-based solutions, tech products

Enterprise suites, complex products with multiple buyers

Agencies, service-based businesses, freelancers

You can apply this course to any type of B2B sales.

The video content is around 90 minutes long. Expect to invest 2 to 3 hours to watch the video, fill in the worksheets, and get the first version of your outreach system ready to test.

If you’re contacting prospects with the intent of booking meetings, you need two things; creativity and relevance. The AI tools and tactics you’ll discover in this course will help you do that.

All the tools you’ll discover in this course are either free or come with a free plan. You’ll be able to apply all the concepts of this course without having to purchase new tools.

This course explains how to use AI tools — traditionally used for complex and technical use cases — in the context of researching, contacting, and booking meetings.

I’m a sales trainer and coach. I’ve been spending the last 4 years experimenting with tools and concepts so I could build (and constantly update) my playbook on starting conversations with prospects, and booking more meetings.

I still prospect every day, and you’ll find over 15 years of sales experience distilled in this course.

No. It’s $199 for the version without bonus, and $299 with the bonus, including:

  • The Prospecting Tracker (worth $50)
  • The Message Builder (worth $70)
  • The Prompt Directory (Worth $40)

There’s no catch. My main goal is to get as many salespeople as possible to stop writing terrible outreach and protect their jobs. How many people can actually afford those courses, anyways?

You won’t be watching some highly edited content and it isn’t shot on some big budget. I’m not at a beachfront villa or in front of a rented Ferrari.

It’s just me in my office, giving you tactical knowledge to generate more opportunities.

I spent thousands of hours making mistakes and experimenting on creative prospecting tactics, so you don’t have to. You’ll get instant access to the system to help you get more replies and more meetings.

I’ve designed this course to be actionable. It’s not some book you read once and forget. It’s a tactical video-based coursed with a system that you can use every day, and revisit frequently.

It depends on how you apply the system. If you follow the lessons and modules, expect to get some answers within a few days and book meetings shortly after.

If you do nothing, you won’t see any results.

Of course! In fact, here’s a short template you can use when pitching it to your manager:

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I’d love to take Thibaut Souyris’s new course on prospecting with AI:

I’ll use what I learn to create an alternative version of the sequences I currently send. The goal is to double my meeting rate. Maybe even more. Fingers crossed! It’s $199.

Can I please expense it?


If you finish the course and don’t love it, I will issue you a full refund.

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