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Ultimate LinkedIn Sequence


Discover a LinkedIn sequence that finally works!

If you are in sales development, chances are that you have to do cold outreach. But most sequences have terrible messaging, no creativity and produce marginal results. Discover a LinkedIn sequence that finally works!

Video sequence


Find out how I manage to get a 55% answer rate

Traditional outreach channels are largely overused, and prospects have built strategies to stop being disturbed by pushy salespeople. Find out how to get them to answer and book more calls.


Your guide to modern prospecting

Technology is changing the way we do sales. And prospects have never been so good at avoiding sales reps. Discover how you can become a T-shaped SDR and crush your targets.

5-steps to bulletproof your sales targets


Are your sales targets realistic?

If you are a founder, sales leader or sales rep, you most likely work with sales targets. But how do you make sure they are realistic, and build a concrete plan to reach them Let’s find out!

Lisbon Unlimited


Selling in a tough economy

In March 2020, the world entered in lockdown. Discover how to regroup and focus on what you can control, and how to use uncertainty to build value for decision-makers. You’ll also get a few tips on how to get the attention of your prospects.


Who's making decisions?

In B2B sales, it can be pretty challenging to identify who’s making decisions, who’s signing the contract and who will really benefit from your solution. Find out how to identify your deal stakeholders with Thibaut’s checklist.

Thibaut Souyris

I’m Thibaut Souyris and I’m the CEO & Founder of SalesLabs. I train and coach B2B sales teams to start more conversations.

I am the Co-host of The B2B Sales Podcast and I’m regularly invited to speak at events with Hubspot, Pipedrive or Techstars.

You can read and hear my opinion and ideas on various podcasts and blogs, including Sales Hacker, G2 and Demodesk.

I've trained and coached reps at

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