B2B sales training for modern sales teams

I train and coach B2B sales teams to start more conversations and turn prospects into customers

Sending tons of emails, but all you get is rejection?

If your team is sending hundreds of emails every day, burning leads with marginal answer rate, it can be tough to figure out what to do.

Can’t get your reps to pick up the phone?

Most SDRs are in their early twenties. If you ask them to pick up the phone and do a hundred dials every day, it’s no surprise that they quit within a few months.

Sharing loads of proposals but closing no business?

“Send me an offer.” As great as they make you feel, these four words are often the reason why you can’t close business. It’s time to make your prospects work for you.

They work with me

What I do

Start way more conversations

I train B2B sales teams to start more conversations using modern tactics.

Specifically, I help sales teams using modern tools to book net new meetings with their prospects.

If your customers are on LinkedIn, I can train your team to develop tactical outreach campaigns and start concrete sales conversations.


I train sales reps to have meaningful conversations with your prospects.

I help them qualify early, keeping the energy of the deal high and closing faster. 

Customers hate being sold, but they love buying.

I help your sales team to ask the right questions and build value, instead of pushing features and going for the hard close.


I help B2B founders and executive teams make the right business decisions in B2B sales.

Need another pair of eyes on that new comp plan?

Wondering if you should hire that expensive VP of Sales?

I can help you make better decisions, and bring a fresh perspective to your sales organization.

How I do it


Sales Training

Online or onsite, I can train your SDRs, Account Executives and Customer Success Managers


Sales Workshops

If you don’t know where to take your sales organization, executive workshops are great to get more clarity.



Individual or in group, coaching is the reinforcement required to turn new ideas into habits.


Sales Consulting

You often have to make tough decisions. The advisory engagement is a great way to get new perspectives.

Don't believe what I say, believe them

SalesLabs is a ProActive Selling Partner

m3 Learning

ProActive selling is a B2B sales framework developed by Skip Miller, President of M3 Learning.

Skip has trained more than 300,00 sales professionals in 35 countries. He has worked with customers like Zoom, Tableau, Stripe and he is the author of Proactive Sales Management, a book ranked #1 on Amazon for 5 consecutive years.

Discover more about this partnership here.

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