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Consulting & Implementation


Have you seen too many head of sales and reps failing in your organization? Did you hire vetted sales directors, only to see them failing and leaving after a few quarters? Then we can help. Our approach to sales is radically different and we know that delivering constant growth requires a new mindset.

We use a mix of proven tactics and new experiments to help your organisation generating leads and moving deals faster than ever. We specialise in transforming your sales organisation by bringing experimentation frameworks and working on new channels to acquire customers.

Here is how we work



Are you struggling to reach your revenue targets or even knowing how to set them? Are you registered to sales newsletters and hearing sales tips everywhere but nothing seems to be working for your business?

Our workshops are there to build the basics of your rapid experimentation sales organisation. In a dynamic and hands-on environment, we teach you the simple formula to bring more revenues and get your first 10 paying customers.



Have you been looking for sales training but never found fresh ideas to boost your revenue generation machine? Are you being ghosted by your prospects way more than you would like to?

Then book a free consultation to know more about our trainings. We teach you and your team how to generate outbound leads and take control of your sales process. We give you insights and tested tactics to get more leads in the pipeline and close more business faster.