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What we can do for you

Outbound lead generation tactics

Consulting & Implementation


We carefully understand your business challenges and priorities and craft custom strategies and tactics for your B2B sales organization. From lead generation to direct sales, we build experimentation frameworks to increase your revenues and accelerate technology adoption. Here are some of our areas of expertise:

Sales process design and implementation

CRM implementation

Compensation plans

Hiring strategies



We understand that technology is rapidly changing the way your customers buy and finding clarity or fostering change can be challenging. That’s where our workshops can help. In an interactive environment, we build new strategies together and show you in details how to implement experimentation strategies. We host regular workshops in Berlin and online on the following topics:

Outbound 101: How to set the V1 of your lead generation engine

How to find qualified leads using hacks and new acquisition channels

How to keep control of your sales process

And a lot more...



Changing your team’s mindset on sales and experimentation can be very challenging with internal resources. We carefully craft hands-on training for your sales teams and your management teams. We focus mainly on the following topics:

SDR training 

Sales process training: how to forecast your revenues accurately

Management training: how to manage a sales team

And a lot more...

Ludovic Manjot

CMO @ Smunch 

We decided to work with SalesLabs at a moment where we needed strategic and operational support to build our sales organisation at Smunch. Thibaut brought a new perspective about our sales strategy and he was an exceptional support to design but also implement processes. From Salesforce knowledge to KPI setting, he was a very knowledgable resource and I strongly recommend him to busy founders.

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