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I train and coach B2B sales teams to start more conversations and turn prospects into customers

Why should you work with me?

My name is Thibaut. I am a Geneva-born Frenchman. When I was 15, I decided I wanted to learn how to fly planes. To make some money and pay for the training, I went to the local airfield (in Lausanne) and started approaching aircraft owners to clean their planes for 20 CHF/hour.

And it worked.

But what does it have to do with me training your team?

It just shows you my mindset.

When I was 19, I invested in a General Aviation management platform called Buddypilots. We spent 3 years building a product that no one would buy. After years of work and $0 of revenues, we closed the business.

That’s when my career accelerated.

I got hired at Applause, a Boston-based company, to grow the French market from the Berlin office.

When I started, we had nothing in France. In 2 years, I grew the market from 0 to 2.5M revenue and brought the sales team to 10 people. It was a fun ride and I learned a ton, but after almost 3 years working there, I decided it was time to take on another challenge.

I then joined Branch, a deep-linking company from California. But I didn’t stay there for long.

After attending a sales training in California, I found out that I would be better off helping sales professionals succeed.

After 5 months, I left and founded SalesLabs, to train, coach and advise B2B sales teams and founders.

Since the creation of the company, I have helped 100+ founders building sales organizations. I have worked with companies like Techstars and trained reps at tech companies all over Europe.

After my training, my customers run better discovery calls, build healthy habits around early qualification and bring energy to their deals.

Don't believe what I say, believe them

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