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3 steps to turning ChatGPT into your sales assistant

In today’s newsletter, I’ll share the exact 3 steps I follow to turn ChatGPT into my personal sales assistant. If you follow this system, you’ll stop using ChatGPT for futile use-cases, gain efficiency, and focus on standing out in the mailbox of your prospects (which is hard in 2023).

Here’s how, step-by-step:

Step 1: Give ChatGPT custom instructions

A few months ago, ChatGPT introduced custom instructions. This feature is extremely useful for providing context to ChatGPT and training it to respond in a way that best suits you. By clicking on your name and selecting “Custom instructions,” you’ll access the following screen:

The first box is designed to provide context for ChatGPT. Here, you should share as much information as you can about your intended use of ChatGPT. Rather than focusing on the tips provided by ChatGPT, consider including the following elements:

  • What you use ChatGPT for
  • How you organize the conversations
  • Who are your customers
  • What problems you solve for them
  • How you solve these problems

Here are my custom instructions:

“I am using ChatGPT as a personal assistant to help me run my solopreneur business. This involves using it for the following tasks:

  • brainstorm ideas and tactics on cold outreach
  • research prospects’ problems
  • find relevant information about my prospects by submitting large data sets and getting ChatGPT to identify relevant elements
  • feeding examples of good prospecting templates, and adapting them to what I sell

Each task is handled in a separate conversation, which I consider as an expert. I start the conversation with specific instructions and templates I can refer to. I come back to this conversation whenever its expertise is needed.

I typically work with the following types of customers:

  • Tech companies selling B2B software (SaaS) to help salespeople
  • Tech companies based in North America and EMEA
  • C-level, VP, and Directors of marketing/demand generation
  • I also sell online courses to individual contributors (SDRs, AEs) in tech selling B2B software (SaaS)

I help these customers solve the following problems:

  • difficulties building awareness in the tech sales market
  • difficulties getting enough leads
  • Low reply rates
  • No consistency in their results
  • Missed meeting or sales targets

I do it with the following products:

  • Sponsoring slots on my content (LinkedIn, newsletter, podcast)
  • Co-branded lead magnets and webinars
  • Online courses that can be purchased by Individual Contributors”

The second box allows you to define the way ChatGPT replies to you. Here’s mine for example:

“Unless stated otherwise, this is how I want ChatGPT to reply:

  • avoid any buzzwords and acronyms
  • a 12 year old should understand the answers
  • don’t provide any long explanation of limitations you have
  • be super direct and straightforward in your answers
  • don’t use corporate jargon and elusive sentences
  • act like the most honest and direct person. You don’t have filters

Overall, my goal is to get my answers as fast as I can, without chit chatting. When possible, format your answers with clear headers and bullet points.”

Step 2: Use each conversation for one task

Now that ChatGPT is familiar with how you use it, it’s crucial to organize your conversations. I suggest dedicating each conversation to a specific task. For instance, one conversation could serve as a Connection Request Builder Assistant, while another could function as a Cold Call Script Assistant, and so on. Here’s how my Sidebar looks like:

Step 3: Train your assistants with an initial prompt

The last step is the initial training of your assistants. Your goal is to:

  • Give specific instructions to ChatGPT
  • Show an example of the prompt you will use
  • Create a code section you can copy/paste whenever you need the assistant.

Here’s how my Message Template Builder looks like:

Every time I need the assistant, I can scroll to the top of the conversation and copy/paste the code in the chat box.

And these are 3 steps you can follow to turn ChatGPT into your personal sales assistant. There are tons of different assistants you can build if you follow these 3 steps, but make sure to use ChatGPT to help you become more efficient, not to scale crappy outreach messages.

Before you go, I’m planning to release a new course to help you book more meetings in 2024. Would you mind telling me about your biggest challenge as you look into the next 12 months?


Thibaut Souyris

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