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3 steps to using Cost of Inaction in your messaging

In today’s issue, I’m going to share a simple, 3-steps process I’m currently using, as I’m changing my whole messaging to include the Cost Of Inaction (COI) to get more replies from my prospects.

If you can replicate this process, you’ll set yourself apart in a crowded market, you’ll get more replies, and you’ll book more meetings.

However, it’s important to be tactical and use relevant data when using this strategy.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Identify the problem

Let’s say your company sells a cloud-based project management software for remote teams.

One of the key problems your software addresses is the lack of visibility and communication within remote teams.

Step 2: Research the consequences of not addressing this problem

By not addressing this problem, teams may experience delays and miscommunication, leading to wasted resources and a decrease in overall productivity.

This could potentially lead to lost revenue and missed opportunities, in case nothing is done to solve that problem.

However, your prospects may not pay attention to it, because they cannot calculate a clear cost for this problem.

Step 3: Craft a message that highlights the cost of inaction

Highlight the cost of inaction by teasing a simple calculator with a before/after comparison.

For example, you could calculate the average time wasted per day per employee due to a lack of visibility in remote teams, and how your software reduces that amount.

Here’s how your message could look like:

“Danny, saw that you ditched your corporate office for good.

As good as remote can be, do you have an estimate of the time wasted daily by your employees because of your remote setup?

If you’re interested, I can share a simple calculator to find that number, and what you can do to reduce it.


If you follow these 3 steps, you’ll catch the attention of your prospects, you’ll get more replies, and you’ll book more meetings.

Give it a try and hit me on LinkedIn to tell me how it works.


Thibaut Souyris

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