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4 lessons I learned from last week’s masterclass

In today’s newsletter, I will share four key takeaways from last week’s online masterclass. On July 5th, 17 salespeople joined me for a 90-minute workshop to help them build their cold outreach sequences from scratch.

Here are the four lessons I learned from working with them:

Lesson #1: If you don’t know your prospects’ problems, you won’t get replies

We began the session by reviewing the concept of the Ideal Customer Profile and defining the problems that they typically face. This exercise was interesting because most participants were familiar with their products, but were uncertain about the problems they were intended to solve.

Understanding your prospects’ problems is critical because it demonstrates that you empathize with their situation. This sets you apart from other salespeople who are prospecting them and increases the likelihood of receiving responses.

Lesson #2: Build a sequence skeleton before writing your messages

Most of the SDRs I train tend to spend a disproportionate amount of time building messages and using frameworks, but they often overlook the importance of building a prospecting structure. A structure can help them maintain consistency through follow-ups.

That’s why we have focused on creating a sequence skeleton, just like the one shown below:

As you can see, a sequence skeleton is simple:

  • A set number of touchpoints
  • Clear channels and media
  • A simple cadence

If you can build one and stick to it, you’re already better off than 80% of your peers.

Lesson #3: Use multiple channels and media for more replies

We also discussed the importance of using multiple channels for prospecting. Prospects have different habits and preferences, with some responding only to emails and others only to phone calls.

Incorporating more than one channel and media in your outreach is essential to maximizing your reply rate. For instance, I prefer using LinkedIn and email, with a combination of text-based messages, LinkedIn voice notes, and prospecting videos.

Lesson #4: Nothing beats consistency

Sequence skeletons, messaging frameworks, and AI prospecting tools are nothing without a solid, consistent prospecting system. Prospecting is 10% creativity, 10% relevance, and 80% consistency.

That’s why we focused on building a simple prospecting system to produce consistent results. Here’s mine:

Image #2

These are the four key lessons I learned from running this masterclass. It was the first time I tried this format, and I plan on offering an advanced AI prospecting masterclass in September.

If you’re interested in joining, be sure to save your spot on the waitlist. You’ll receive information on discounts and launch details before they’re available to everyone else.

Hope this helps.


Thibaut Souyris

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