4 plays to book more meetings

In today’s issue, I’m going to share a quick preview of 4 plays I use regularly to book meetings with prospects.

If you can replicate these plays, you will stop getting ignored because you’ll stand out in the LinkedIn message section or the mailbox of your prospects.

Unfortunately, most SDRs don’t try new prospecting plays, and they end up with diminishing reply rates (and booked meetings) as time goes by.

Regularly experimenting with new plays is how you keep your reply rate and meeting rate high.

Without a solid experimentation strategy, a few challenges arise:

Challenge #1: You miss on easy opportunities: you’re not able to collect data on what works now vs what worked in the past.

Challenge #2: You stagnate: your prospecting game doesn’t evolve (when other SDRs’ game does).

Challenge #3: You end up sounding like everyone else: a good approach gets quickly copied, and you lose your competitive advantage.

You can overcome all of these challenges by experimenting with new plays regularly.

Here are 4 plays you can already use:

Play 1: Invite prospects to a roundtable

This play is incredibly efficient at creating relationships with multiple prospects at the same time.

The idea is to plan a 30 minute online event and invite key prospects to join. You build a specific sequence to invite prospects, use other participants’ names to create FOMO, send a pre-event survey, and run the event.

When you’re done, you can reach out to participants to discuss the challenges they have mentioned during the call.

I love this play because I can run it regularly (quarterly), gather prospects and current customers, and collect data on the challenges of key people in the market.

Last time I ran it, I contacted 24 people, I got 10 replies, and I booked 6 prospects in the event.

Play 2: Use a graph to catch their attention

This play is a great way to show your understanding of a prospect’s problem and create a pattern interrupt.

You start by identifying a key problem of your prospect, followed by visual representation of this problem. For example, I used the graph below to represent a common issue with VPs of Sales:

U-shaped pipeline

I wrote a detailed guide about this approach and got the following results:

  • Contacted: 41

  • Replied: 15 (37%)

  • Booked meeting: 11 (73%)

Play 3: Ask them to join a user research call

This play is a great way to create relationships with prospects, understand their problems, and create opportunities to solve them.

First, you need to make sure your ICP matrix is well defined, and again, have a clear understanding of your prospects’ problems.

You can then lead with these problems in your cold outreach, asking prospects if they would be interested in hoping on a quick user research call to learn more about what they are working on.

Jack Lancaster used this approach in the early stages of Spoke.ai and shared his result on my podcast.

Play 4: Play with their website to catch their attention

This play uses the website of your prospects in order to catch their attention. I discovered it thanks to a post of Florin Tatulea and Saad Khan.

It’s a bit of a technical process, so buckle up:

  • Step 1: Go to your prospect’s homepage

  • Step 2: Write a problem-oriented question ({FirstName}, how do avoid {problem}?)

  • Step 3: Open the website editor and change the hero section of the homepage (here’s how I do it)

  • Step 4: Record a prospecting video with the updated website (make sure the GIF preview is moving)

This play is excellent to create a pattern interrupt as it uses a familiar element for the prospect and gets them to wonder how you could change the text on their website.

And these are 4 of my go-to plays when running outbound sequences.

If you’re interested in accessing these plays in details + get a new play every month, then go check my Monthly Prospecting Plays. There are already 6 live, and you’ll get access to a new play every first week of the month.



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