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Get to know more about the team behind SalesLabs and what puts a smile on our faces everyday

About the founder 

SalesLabs was founded by Thibaut Souyris in 2018 when he realised SMBs in Europe were left in the dark when it comes to sales organisation and innovative ways to acquire customers . After working for American companies and building high-performing sales teams, Thibaut decided to help founders and management get clarity on their revenue engines. When he is not focused on sales consulting, bringing more revenues to his customers, Thibaut can be found motorcycling or enjoying Berlin with his friends.

Our values

Deliver value first


At Sales Labs, we understand that giving upfront is what makes us successful. Before entering into any contractual relationship, we find ways to deliver value first, knowing this approach will make us and our customers successful

Be customer obsessed


We work and live thanks to our customers. We do not rely on funding to fuel our growth, therefore our success comes from the success of our customers. We constantly put ourselves in our client's shoes and obsess about results

Live with a growth mindset


We see success as a journey, not an end result. We know our experiments will not always work as expected and we embrace that fact. The more we experiment the better we become in serving our customers and making them successful