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Can’t book meetings? Try these 3 message frameworks

In today’s newsletter, I will share three message frameworks that you can use to book meetings more effectively. With layoffs, summer slumps, and budget cuts happening everywhere, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to schedule meetings.

By making these frameworks your own and using them in your outreach, you’ll receive more replies and book more meetings as summer comes to a close.

Here are the three messages:

Framework #1: Question + Teaser + CTA + PS

This framework is incredibly useful because it focuses on a specific problem that a prospect may have and teases a potential solution. Here’s how it’s structured:

  • Question: A problem-oriented question to get your prospect to reflect.
  • Teaser: An intriguing resource to help your prospect solve a part of the problem you mentioned in your question.
  • CTA: A simple question to get the prospect to reply.
  • PS: A funny/personal mention to show you prospect you did your research


  • Question: Eric, curious to know how you’re planning on reaching your H2 goals with the RIF that your company went through.
  • Teaser: If you’re interested, I can share a short, 7-step playbook to help your AEs go from farmers to hunters, in less than 90 days.
  • CTA: Interested?
  • PS: Saw you’re into golf. What’s the best part of your game?

Why it works: This framework is effective because it demonstrates to your prospects that you have conducted research. The “Question” refers to a company trigger, while the “PS” refers to a personal detail.

Framework #2: Do the math

With this framework, you can generate interest in a conversation with you using a back-of-napkin calculation.

  • Trigger: The reason for reaching out. Better if you have a number.
  • Quick pitch: Short explanation of the quantified impact your solution provides.
  • Calculation: Back of napkin calculation.
  • CTA: Ask for interest


  • Trigger: Mary, saw you acquired your main competitor. Smart move.
  • Quick pitch: We help CFOs identify which business units are less profitable, resulting in savings of 3% of your operating costs on average.
  • Calculation: With a typical operating cost between €25M – €40M, this would mean saving from €750.000 to €1.200.000.
  • CTA: Worth a chat?

Why it works: This framework helps you stand out in the mailbox of your prospect because you identify a problem, quantify it, and then ask for a conversation to discuss in more details. Go check my Cold Message System if you need to find and quantify your prospects’ problems.

Framework #3: Job to be done

This framework is incredibly useful for prospecting with existing accounts or new individuals within an organization with whom you have had contact.

  • Memory: A past topic of conversation
  • Tool: A tool/resource related to the conversation
  • Confirm: A question to confirm it is still a priority
  • Teaser: A sentence to get the prospect intrigued about the tool


  • Memory: Lizzie, last time we spoke with the person in your current position, they were trying to build an outbound sales playbook.
  • Tool: I stumbled on list of 7 common mistakes when building an outbound playbook.
  • Confirm: Am I totally off, or is it a relevant topic?
  • Teaser: If yes, just hit reply and I’ll share the list with you.

Why it works: This framework is effective because it piques the curiosity of your prospects by offering a specific resource to help them solve a problem.

You can use these three frameworks on LinkedIn, in emails, and even when making cold calls. Give them a try and let me know how it goes by replying to this email.

I hope this helps.


Thibaut Souyris

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