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Designing your Power Hour: A Step-by-Step Guide

In today’s issue, I’ll share the exact process I use to design my Power Hour. A Power Hour is an uninterrupted, focused prospecting block. Without a regular prospecting ritual, you won’t be able to create consistency, which is 80% of your success as a salesperson. But if you follow these steps, you’ll create the right habit to be successful in prospecting.

Here’s how to design your Power Hour:

Step 1: Protect your calendar

Start by identifying the moment when you’re the most productive in your workday. Personally, mornings are when I get most of my work done, and when I’m the most productive.

I’m not a big fan of prospecting (it’s boring and repetitive), but it’s the healthiest habit for my business and my pipeline. That’s why I prospect first thing in the morning, from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM.

When you have identified your most productive time, create a 30 to 60 minute blocker, and repeat it every day, indefinitely. This will help you protect your schedule, and avoid being booked by your manager, colleagues, or anyone distracting your from this ritual.

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Step 2: Plan your Power Hour

Now that you have a recurring time block, you need to plan what you’ll do during this block. Here’s how I structure mine:

  • Step 1: Follow-ups
  • Step 2: Find 5 new prospects
  • Step 3: Add them to my sequence

Step 1 is about getting in the groove. As mentioned earlier, prospecting isn’t exactly the funniest part of your job, but it’s one of the most important ones. By starting with follow-ups, you start with the easiest task (you don’t need much research), which is more likely to get you in the mood for prospecting. I personally use Amplemarket to keep track of my follow-up tasks.

Step 2 is about adding fuel to my Prospecting Engine. I calculated that I needed to find and contact 5 new prospects per day in order to reach my prospecting targets. I look for people who fit with my ICP in the following places:

  • People who viewed my profile/followers
  • People I had conversations with in the past
  • People who can intro me to relevant prospects
  • People who reacted to posts from other sales creators

With these 4 leads sources, I have no problem finding and contacting 5 prospects every day.

Step 3 is about contacting these 5 prospects. I recommend using a trigger to create a personalized prospecting message for each prospect. For example, if I was in a conversation with a prospect in the past, but the opportunity didn’t go through, I would send a message like this one:

“Martin, last time we talked your reps were getting a 5% reply rate.

I stumbled on a 7-step checklist to double your reply rate and immediately thought of you.

Worth a peek?”

Btw, if you’re struggling to get replies and book meetings, I have released The Prospecting Engine last week, and I strongly recommend you check it out if you’re trying to build a healthy pipeline in 2024.

Step 3: Find a Power Hour buddy

Building a habit to prospect every day is extremely tough to do by yourself. It’s like going to the gym at the beginning of a new year. At first you’re motivated, then comes the first weekend, blue Monday, and after a few weeks, you’re back to your old self.

Building a prospecting habit is exactly the same. That’s why I recommend finding a Power Hour buddy, jumping on a Zoom/Meets call, putting your camera on, your mic off, and executing. You can find a Power Hour buddy among your colleagues, or grab the Do-It-Together plan of my Prospecting Engine, where you’ll be able to join other salespeople in Power Hour rooms.

If you follow these steps, you’ll be ready to launch your Power Hour. Just make sure to:

  • Protect your calendar
  • Plan your Power Hour
  • Find a Power Hour buddy

If you do it for long enough (around a month), you’ll go from dreading prospecting, to making it a part of your working day, and getting more replies and meetings as a result.

Hope this helps.



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