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How I booked 12 meetings with this simple LinkedIn connection request

In today’s newsletter, I will share a tactic I used to book 12 meetings with a simple LinkedIn connection request. By replicating this tactic, you can increase your chances of receiving more replies, scheduling more meetings, and ultimately earning more money.

Personally, I was able to convert 10 of these meetings into sponsorships (note that win rates may vary depending on the product or service you sell).

Here’s how it works:

Part 1: First framework

A LinkedIn connection request has to be short, relevant, and optimized to get an answer. That’s why I use the following framework:

  • Trigger: The reason for reaching out
  • Idea: An intriguing idea
  • CTA: A simple call-to-action


  • Trigger: Mary, had a great time building content with Aisha.

  • Idea: I have a few additional ideas on how to get you some additional exposure to my audience.

  • CTA: Worth chatting about?

  • Trigger: Mary, saw you had plans to hire over 50 reps in H1 2024.

  • Idea: I have a 7-step checklist to help you bring a screening call from 30 min to 10 min, so you don’t end up wasting days with bad candidates.

  • CTA: Want to learn more?

This framework is effective because it begins with a personalized element (the trigger), piques the curiosity of the prospect by presenting an opportunity to solve a problem, and encourages a response if the prospect is interested.

Part 2: Framework variation

I have also been using a small variation of this framework, where the Idea and the CTA are combined:

  • Trigger: The reason for reaching out
  • Idea: An intriguing idea + question


  • Trigger: Oren, I’ve been invited as a guest on The Epic Show and saw you were a sponsor.

  • Idea: Opposed to putting Worthy in front of my 40K+ audience too?


  • Trigger: Oren, saw you liked Owen’s post about cascading lead enrichment being the future.

  • Idea: Opposed to grabbing my 5-step playbook to using cascading lead enrichment?

This variation is powerful because it’s short, direct, and it uses negative psychology (opposed to) to get more replies.

Part 3: Results

With these two frameworks, I managed to get over 18 replies, like the ones below:

Image #1
Image #2

Out of the 18 replies, 12 resulted in a meeting, and 10 turned into a deal. It is important to note that these deals are small, transactional sponsoring deals, which is why they can be closed quickly.

Here’s a small bonus. You can use the following prompt in ChatGPT to templatize any connection request you find useful:

Act like an experienced outbound prospecting message template creator. I want to turn a LinkedIn connection request that worked very well into a template that I can reuse to send connection requests to all types of prospects. Here’s the content:


If you like this kind of messaging template, I recommend signing up to my Monthly Prospecting Plays, where I share one prospecting play at the beginning of each month.

Hope this helps.


Thibaut Souyris

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