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The AI Outreach System goes live tomorrow!

Welcome to a special edition of the Tactical Selling Newsletter…

BIG news – the AI Outreach System goes live tomorrow!

I created it because most salespeople know AI is a game changer for their job, but they don’t know where to start.

That’s usually because:

  1. AI is overwhelming – I don’t know how to write a prompt…
  2. Learning how to use AI for prospecting is time consuming – I don’t want to spend hours learning the ropes, only to find out the results are mediocre…
  3. There’s a ton of new tools going live every day – Which one should I pick?!…

This online course answers all the above and teaches you how to research, contact, and book meetings with AI (and ChatGPT).

If you’re interested in integrating AI in your daily prospecting, then this is for you.

And because you’re a subscriber to my newsletter, you get a discount code. Use “BPP0IWE” at checkout and you’ll get 30% off (valid until Saturday).

You can access the video course here (live tomorrow at 4:00 PM Berlin time).


PS: This is the last special edition, I promise. We’re back to our normal Thursday-only programming next week. Sincere thank you for letting me add a couple emails while I share the news about the course.

P.S. When you’re ready, here are 5 ways I can help you.
  1. (NEW!) Learn how to use AI to book meetings here (800+ waitlisters and customers)
  2. Build your outbound prospecting system from scratch here (250+ students)
  3. Write cold messages that get a 38% reply rate and 27% meeting rate here (55+)
  4. Book me 1:1 or for your team here
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