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Calendar links: How to use them to book meetings

In today’s newsletter, I’ll share how to properly use calendar links to book meetings. By following these steps, you can avoid turning off prospects and discover a better way to use these productivity tools for sales.

Here’s the step-by-step process:

Step 1: Understand when to use them

Meeting links should not be included in your outbound sequences. The purpose of a sequence is to get a reply, not to book a meeting. If you include a meeting link in your cold message, you increase the likelihood of being marked as spam, which can significantly reduce your reply rate.

Instead, keep the meeting link as a facilitation tool once a meeting has been agreed upon. For more information on crafting messages with a 38% or higher reply rate, check out this article.

Step 2: Navigate the conversation

Before asking for a meeting, your goal should be to get a reply. Once you receive a reply, your goal is to schedule a meeting. You can achieve this by following this 4-step process:

  • Step 1: Use a problem question with the formula “How do you avoid/prevent problem.” For example, “How do you prevent your team from turning off prospects with pushy outreach?”
  • Step 2: Offer a reciprocity resource, such as a marketing material turned into a prospecting asset. For instance, “If you’re interested, I can share a 5-step sequence that typically gets over a 38% reply rate.”
  • Step 3: Ask for feedback. If the prospect responds, share the resource, wait for two days, and use the following formula: “What do you think of the resource? Is it useful for your team?”
  • Step 4: Use a negative-reversing question. For example, “Would it be a bad idea to have a quick call so I can give you a few tips on how your team can use this sequence?”

Go check this detailed article for a tactical guide on how to navigate conversations.

Step 3: Share your availability

If your prospect responds, you can share your availability by using your meeting link. I recommend giving your prospect the option to share their own calendar link or availability, as some may prefer not to share their data.

Alternatively, you could try Mixmax’s sales engagement platform for free. They have a cool feature that allows you to share your availability directly in your email, which I was told could increase your booked meetings by 57%.

That’s how you can use calendar links to book outbound cold meetings.

I hope this helps!


Thibaut Souyris

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