My 4-step framework to consistently get a 38% reply rate

In 2021, I have managed to reach and maintain a 38% reply rate with my cold outreach. I have built a system to help me structure my prospecting routine and a key part of it is the copy I use in my touchpoints.

Here’s a framework I use all the time for asynchronous touchpoints.


I start by finding a relevant piece of information about my prospect. It’s called a trigger and it helps prospects answer the question: “Did this person do some research about my problems?”

Here’s a list of my top 3 triggers:

  • Like/comment on a post
  • LinkedIn Event attendance
  • Profile view

When I have found a relevant trigger, I reference it as the reason for my outreach.

For example: “Hey Mary, noticed you also liked Heather’s post about boring hybrid events.”


Now that I have the attention of my prospects, I want to get them to reflect on a potential problem they have.

A good way to do that is to use an “away” question. It’s a question focused on the negative outcome of a situation.

It starts with snippets like: “How are you preventing/avoiding”, “What are you doing to avoid/prevent”.

For example: “How are you avoiding boring people to death with boring hybrid events?”


If my prospects face the problem I mention, they will be interested in reading further.

That’s when I try to enable the Netflix effect.

Ever wondered why you keep binge-watching series on Netflix? It’s because they finish episodes with a cliffhanger. They create a tense situation and cut the episode right before the tension is dissipated.

You want to use the same tactic to get people curious to know more.


Finally, I propose a simple CTA to satisfy my prospects’ curiosity.

Note that I’m not asking complicated questions or proposing to meet. I’m not dropping a calendar link either.

I just asked a close-ended question.

For example: “Interested?”

Here’s an alternative example:

Asynchronous touchpoint template

It’s really that simple.

So in summary:

  1. Find a relevant trigger and mention it
  2. Ask an away question
  3. Tease a resource related to the problem
  4. Ask if they are interested.

I would love to see how you adapt this framework to your prospects. Feel free to reply to this email with your version.

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