How to create a reusable prospecting video in 30 minutes

I’m a huge fan of video prospecting.

And recently, I discovered a great video prospecting tool called Tolstoy. I started playing with it a few weeks ago, and it has changed the way I prospect.

I have added this video into my prospecting sequence, and I’ll show you how you can build a similar video for your own use cases.

Step 1: Planning

Prospecting is about starting conversations with prospects. One good way to do that is to lead with problems.

You should start by listing 3 problems your customers are facing that you can help with. For example, most sales leaders I work with have one or all of these problems:

  • Their reps are using LinkedIn for prospecting, but getting no replies
  • They have tried video prospecting, but getting no replies
  • Their reps are booking meetings, but without consistency

In my case, I’ll have to shoot a video per problem (3 videos) + 1 video to introduce the problem.

Duration: 5 minutes

Step 2: Shooting the problem videos

Now that we know our problems, we need to share ideas on how our prospects can solve them.

I love to use the following framework:

  1. Reason for the problem: Explain why the problem happens (shows you understand what your prospects are going through)
  2. 3 things to solve the problem: Suggest 3 options to make a dent in the problem (should not be to buy your stuff, but some high-level ideas)
  3. 3 CTAs: Ideally a short resource to download, a webinar replay/long blog post, and a link to your calendar
Duration: 15 minutes

Step 3: Shooting the introduction video

Now we need to introduce the 3 problem videos and give a choice to our prospects.

I use this framework:

  1. Familiarity statement: A statement to show that other people like my prospects are solving problems with me (“A lot of sales leaders I work with are having one of these 3 problems”)
  2. Problem presentation: The list of problems found in step 2
  3. CTA: One simple call-to-action per problem

Duration: 5 minutes

Step 4: Creating the video path

Finally, we can link the introduction video with our problem videos and add the right links to each call-to-action.

I like to add a fallback CTA with my calendar link into each video. This reduces friction if my prospect is amazed but wants to address a problem I didn’t list.

Here’s how my video path looks like:

Video Path

Duration: 5 minutes

When you’re done, you can include this video in your prospecting sequence, and introduce it with a small text like: “FirstName, do you have any of these problems ->”.

It’s that simple.

Send me your Tolstoy on LinkedIn if you want some feedback.


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