How To Deal With Emotional Buyers

Dealing with emotional buyers can be a real challenge. Here’s an extract of a coaching call where I share two tactics to get the best out of a tense negotiation.

So what you need to do is to get out of the emotional state. One thing to do that, it’s actually a technique called Labeling or an Accusation Audit that comes from a guy called Chris Voss, who’s a FBI negotiator.

I would try to understand a bit more what they say. And so, one good way to do that is to say, “It sounds like you think the price is completely off-limits.” When you say that; it sounds, it looks like, you’re actually just addressing the elephant in the room. So in that case, they just go crazy, they just go emotional. So when you say, “Okay, it sounds like you think the price is way too high”, they will say, “Yes, it’s way too high.” And then what you’ll do is do a thing that you call mirroring. So you will just say, “It’s way too high.” You will use the last one, two, three words they said; way too high, with an upward intonation. And then they will start opening up more.

And the idea there, when people are going in this thing, is to make them talk as much as possible, is to actually understand what they mean by that.

Because often, I guess, when people are going emotional like that… I guess you’re talking to people who are very experienced in negotiation and they’re playing with you, seriously. I’m sure they’re playing with you because they know how much it costs. And if you’re in market, if your customer is actually selling that, it’s because they must be in the market or they must be doing something right.

So I would really try to do that. Whenever people go emotionally like that, you make them talk, just keep going there and don’t be emotional. Just make them talk. And then in general, they will relax.

Yeah. He’s really great in terms of sales negotiation. I can tell you it really works.

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