My 2021 prospecting stats

At the beginning of 2021, I decided to prospect every single weekday I was working. The year 2020 had been really challenging for my business, and I committed to outbound prospecting in order to make 2021 more successful.

2021 was my best year so far, and I didn’t expect such a simple habit to create the results it did.

Here are the stats of 216 days of prospecting:

1081 prospects contacted

When I started the year, I calculated my cruising altitude and found out that I needed to add 5 new prospects to my sequence every single day. With that number, I would be able to reach my targets.

It was relatively simple to find these 5 prospects every day, thanks to 3 main sources:

  • People who visited my LinkedIn profile/like or commented on my posts
  • People who reacted to thought leaders’ posts
  • People who attended LinkedIn events

374 prospects replied (34.6% reply rate)

In order to increase my replies, I created a 4-step outreach sequence on LinkedIn. I added 2 email touchpoints mid-year and then finished with a 5-step sequence that looks like that:

  • Step 1: LinkedIn connection request
  • Step 2: Tolstoy video
  • Step 3: LinkedIn voice note
  • Step 4: Tolstoy video (with 3 video paths)
  • Step 5: LinkedIn text

If you want to know how I structured each touchpoint, download my Ultimate LinkedIn Outreach Sequence.

53 meetings booked (14.2% meeting rate)

Most conversations I had didn’t lead to a meeting right away, but a good amount of prospects came back a few months later as inbound leads. I also had a lot of introductions and congratulations because people loved the creativity and relevance of my outreach.

And this was a key learning for 2021.

Prospecting is about starting conversations and proactively building relationships. When your goal is to get replies, you’ll end up having more meetings, more introductions, and more business.

But this requires building a prospecting routine and sticking to it. And if you need help building yours for 2022, go check The New Outreach System.

It’s €39 instead of €79 for the next 24 hours. Just use the code “almostchristmas” on checkout.


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