Self-Guided Courses

A Selection of On-Demand Training to Help You Generate More Opportunities And Close Deals Faster

Time management tactics for salespeople

Learn how to structure your day to generate more opportunities and close them faster

  • Why time management is so important in sales
  • How to define and prioritize your tasks
  • How to use time blocks to get more done​
  • How using battle cards can make you more productive in sales meetings

Using LinkedIn Events To Book Meetings

Learn how to use LinkedIn Events to find leads and book meetings at scale

  • What is prospecting really about
  • How to find LinkedIn events that bring your hot leads
  • How to turn a list of event attendees into a list of leads
  • A simple framework to build outbound messages and get more replies

The Discovery Call Training

Learn how to run a proactive discovery call and generate sales opportunities using the ProActive Selling™ methodology

  • How to identify 2 types of decision-makers
  • How to start a discovery call in control
  • How to find problems and quantify them
  • How to end a discovery call with a clear qualified (or disqualified) opportunity

The Sales Rep Content Training

Learn how to build problem-centric content to attract your prospects and start warm conversations

  • How to build a content strategy to produce 13 weeks of daily posts
  • How to build problem-centric content to attract your Ideal Customer Profile
  • How a simple framework can help you post daily
  • Which tools can be used to stand out on LinkedIn, no creative skills required

The Multi Channel Outreach Training

Learn how to build a multi channel outreach sequence

  • What types of touchpoints can be used for your outreach
  • How to build a sequence and cadence it to get more answers
  • Tactics to quickly build your multi channel messaging

The LinkedIn Video Prospecting Training

Learn how to prospect with video on LinkedIn

  • How to shoot reusable, core videos so you can scale your video prospecting
  • Where to find leads and use their “digital footprint” to increase your answer rate
  • Tactics to tease your prospects with a 3-step framework

The Sales Development Challenge

Create and launch a high-impact outreach sequence in 5 days

  • Build and launch a cold outreach sequence
  • Learn how to generate leads every day
  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile for sales

The Sales Development Success Plan

How to build your sales development success plan and crush your sales targets

  • How to stop sending hundreds of emails and calling all day
  • Tactics to reduce your prospecting workload
  • One simple prospecting experiment to collect 100+ leads

Using Content To Generate Opportunities

How to use content you didn't build to spot opportunities and start conversations

  • Find out what type of content attracts your prospects
  • Build high-impact, semi-personalized messaging
  • Learn how to scale your cold outreach on LinkedIn

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