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When you can’t book meetings, try this tactic

In today’s newsletter, I’ll share a simple tactic to follow when you’re struggling to book meetings, no matter what you’ve tried. By following these steps, you can avoid being ignored by prospects, start more conversations, and ultimately book more meetings.

Here’s how:

Step 1: List inactive customers and lost opportunities

To get started, create a list of all customers who have purchased something from you. For instance, I have compiled a list of individuals who have purchased my AI Outreach System. I reach out to five of them every day, with a reply rate of around 40%.

Next, create a list of lost opportunities. In my experience, leads who were previously in conversation to purchase something from me tend to reply more than complete strangers.

Step 2: Build a “conversation sequence”

With your two lists ready, you can now start working on your sequences. Instead of trying to book a meeting right away, focus on restarting the conversation. Use anything that is relevant to reignite the conversation. For example, you can try something similar to what I did below:

Example 1

Although my question had nothing to do with business, we ended up discussing this prospect’s challenges, and I am currently working on closing a deal with them.

If you don’t have any personal questions to ask, you can use the following framework from Nate Nasralla:

  • Memory: A past topic of conversation
  • Tool: A tool/resource related to the conversation
  • Confirm: A question to confirm it is still a priority
  • Teaser: A sentence to get the prospect intrigued about the tool


  • Memory: Mary, last time we spoke, new employee churn was an issue.
  • Tool: I stumbled on a checklist to disqualify bad candidates and immediately thought of you.
  • Confirm: Are you still working on reducing new employee churn?
  • Teaser: If so, just hit reply and I’ll share the resource with you.

Here’s a variation of it:

Example 2

Step 3: Execute

To see results, it’s important to systematize this approach. I recommend integrating it into your prospecting routine. Here’s what my routine looks like:

  1. Start with follow-ups
  2. Find 5 to 10 new prospects to add to my sequence daily
  3. Add them to my sequence (send them a first touchpoint)
  4. Repeat every day

By following this routine, you’ll get consistent results and start more conversations. Add a few of your past customers and lost opportunities to book meetings with them in no time.

Give this tactic a try and feel free to drop me a DM on LinkedIn to share your results!


Thibaut Souyris

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