Why I prospect every single weekday, even if I don’t need to

In the first years of my sales career, I had no clue what inbound leads looked like. The only opportunities I had were through outbound prospecting.

Fast forward to today, I have almost 18.000 LinkedIn followers, a mailing list of 2.000+ people, and over 1.900 podcast downloads every months.

I get a ton of meeting through inbound leads.

Yet I prospect every single weekday.

I do it because it’s my business’s life insurance. I can’t control the outcome of my content and marketing initiatives, but I can control the outcome of my prospecting sequence.

On average, I book a meeting every 25 prospects I contact, which makes calculations easy.

If I need 2 meetings a week, I’ll contact 50 people a week. If I need 20, I’ll contact 500.

My prospecting routine is a trusty humming engine and I just need to keep fuelling it with prospects. It’s generating a steady flow of conversations, which in turn generate opportunities and business.

If you’re interested in building your own prospecting engine, then check my New Outreach System.

You’ll find out how many prospects you need to contact daily, how to get more replies, and how to navigate conversations to book more meetings.

I’m also working on a levels concept to help you create the V1 of your prospecting system, and then upgrade it as you get more familiar with your prospects’ problems. We’ll cover emails, video prospecting, advanced prospecting routines, and much more.

And today, you can get the system for €99 instead of €149. You pay once, and you’ll keep getting upgrades. The price will go up as the value of the program increases, but you’ll get access to everything at no additional cost.

Grab it today for €99 with the code “week3email”.

Price goes back to €149 in 24 hours.

P.S. When you’re ready, here are 3 ways I can help you.


→ Grab my 5-star course, The New Outreach System: How I use LinkedIn to get a 38% reply rate and an 11% meeting rate. Buy it here.

→Work 1:1 with me:
 If you need help booking more meetings, I can help you. We’ll go through your current situation and what’s not working. We’ll build an action plan to land you more meetings and more money in your pocketBook me here.

→ Grab my course, The T-shaped Sales Development Program: This is the most comprehensive course I have about sales development. You’ll learn everything from optimizing your LinkedIn profile for sales to finding hot prospects, and running discovery calls Buy it here.

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