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4 AI sales tools you can’t afford to miss

In today’s issue, I’m going to share 4 AI tools I started using recently.

If you follow the steps below, you’ll learn concrete AI use cases to gain productivity and to focus on prospecting, generating opportunities, and closing more deals.

Here’s the list:

Tool 1: ChatGPT

This is my favorite AI tool by far. It’s actually the infrastructure on which most AI tools you’ll see after are based. I use it for:

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Tool 2: Circleback

Circleback is a free AI tool that records your meetings on Zoom, Google Meets, Teams, or Webex. I like it because you can take any meeting link, share with Circleback, and it will appear as a guest and record your meeting. No setup required.

When the meeting is done, you’ll get a transcript, a summary of the conversation, and a follow-up email generated by the AI.

Get it here.

Tool 3: Scribe by LeadIQ

I’ve recently discovered Scribe by LeadIQ and it’s really exciting to save you time on prospect research. You just need to copy/paste the LinkedIn profile of your prospect and the tool retrieves prospect information and potential triggers, such as podcast appearances, Twitter posts, LinkedIn posts, or news about the company.

It then generates 3 variations of outbound emails with the triggers you have selected, and you can copy/paste them in your emails.

There’s still some customization to add to get a great outbound email, but it’s a definite time saver.

Get it here.

Tool 4: The AI Outreach System

Technically this is not a tool, but a system. I’m building so you can stop being ignored by prospects. You’ll start researching, contacting, and booking meetings like a creative outbound salesperson.

Included are 8 modules, 28 micro-lessons including videos, worksheets, and assignments.

It’s available for pre-order here.

And these are 4 AI tools you can’t afford to ignore if you’re prospecting daily, speaking to customers, and trying to reach your sales targets in a competitive environment.

Hope this helps!


Thibaut Souyris

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